Dear Friends at St. Thomas More,

We have all recognized the ways that Covid-19 changed our lives over the past 16 months. The aspects of our parish life are no exception. Now that there are growing signs of a safer environment, we are all challenged to pray, plan, and work together to restore the fullness of our worship, our faith formation, our community life, and our outreach. The re-opening of our church has given us the opportunity to begin to return to normal worship together. Gathering on Sundays around our Lord’s presence among us in the Eucharist, we will seek the guidance, inspiration, and grace that we need to move forward in our spiritual journey as a faith community.

Whether you are a longtime parishioner or a newcomer, you are important to the family of St. Thomas More. I am grateful to God for the opportunity to engage in the administration of our parish this year as it emerges from a dark time in our world into the light of renewal and great expectations. The new and somewhat daunting nature of this responsibility is counterbalanced by the fact that I am not a stranger here. Having already served St. Thomas More parish for almost five years as a chaplain and parochial vicar, I have close ties with the many wonderful people of the varied cultures, languages, and traditions that compose this multi-ethnic parish, united in Christ.

My hope is that in the days ahead, old friendships will be renewed, and new ones created. Trust and open communication are among the essentials that I hope to encourage among our diverse cultural groups as we grow in our awareness of what it means to be truly “catholic” (universal).

To that end, I have some immediate goals which include:

  • A representative parish council and finance committee subject to diocesan guidelines.
  • Development of four basic categories of parish life: worship, teaching, social life, and outreach.
  • Under those four categories, establishing multi-ethnic action groups for specific projects, such as hospitality, catechism, web communications, fundraising and stewardship.
  • Working together with the school community to enhance the spiritual formation of young people.

In the days ahead, space in the weekly bulletin will be allotted to each of the four categories of parish life and how each can be developed.  The input of every person connected to the St. Thomas More family is warmly welcomed. Any suggestions, proposals, or observations can be expressed through the church office, and we will gladly discuss with you how to address them. We all want to continue to grow together in the knowledge and love of our great God and “seek first the kingdom” (Matthew 6:33).

With prayers for God’s help and a spoonful of patience, along with rolling up our sleeves and joyfully working together, we can get there.

God bless you all,

Fr. Rick