We are the only Catholic Club on SFSU campus and we are known as the Newman Club.

Our club gives students the opportunity to share their gifts and talents in service, liturgical, and social activities.

Students participate in Faith sharing, hiking retreats, community volunteering, and club meetings.

Newman has also committed to being part of the choir at St. Thomas More Parish every second Saturday of each month.


Our mission is to engage the San Francisco State University academic community in ways that

  • Effectively support the faith and spiritual growth of Catholic students, staff, and faculty
  • Consistently represent Catholic Faith to the entire university community along with its relevance to social, ethical, political, and environmental issues
  • Foster spiritual growth among young adults in our neighborhood environment
  • Develop good relationships between St. Thomas More Parish and SFSU
  • Build positive role models for future students from Catholic schools


Roberto, President

Samantha, Secretary

Luke, Officer

Sr. Sara Postlethwaite
Campus Minister

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