Dear parishioners and friends of St. Thomas More:

HAPPY EASTER! I hope you are healthy and safe.

I am very encouraged by how our parish family continues to live our faith and celebrate the Holy Spirit during this unique time. I hope you have been able to participate in our livestream masses and check also in our website our Holy Week services.

COVID-19 has posed many challenges to our parish, including offertory funds lost due to the suspension of Mass. Your offertory gifts support salaries of parish staff members, your priests, programs and ministries, maintenance of our buildings and grounds, and many other vital components of our parish life.

I ask you to continue financially supporting our parish during this time.

You can give online through the Archdiocese web site ( . Please see below for specific instructions.

Alterantively, you may mail your giving envelope or drop it in at the parish office.

If possible, please consider giving an amount that equals your regular offertory contribution. It will be an inspiration to me, as your Pastor, to know that I can depend on receiving your continued offertory support. All gifts, regardless of amount, are greatly appreciated and very beneficial.

We will emerge from this situation even stronger as a faith community, and we pray for the day that we can again share the Holy Sacrifice of the Sunday Mass as a family!

Together with Fr. Rick, the deacons: Dcn Khaled, Dcn Abbie and Dcn. Arthur, our parish staff and all who benefit from your ongoing generosity, I thank you for your consideration of this request and for all you do for our parish family.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Marvin-Paul R. Felipe

How to make your contribution online:

There is a new and convenient means to keep their parish community healthy and strong even when the church is locked and the pews are empty.

No offertory gifts need be lost because of the suspension of attendance at Masses.

The contributions that are critical to parish operation can be made instantly at the Lifeline page on the Archdiocesan website,

Using the donation tool is easy: Select St. Thomas More Church from the dropdown menu, enter the amount of the gift, complete the form, and submit.

Or you may also mail in your giving envelopes or drop them off at the parish office.